Franchise advantages

Franchise advantages

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In fact, the decorative effect of this kind of window is similar to that of the blinds. It doesn't look different. However, it can't be folded and put down like the blinds. There are some limitations. The following small series will introduce the features of the ventilation window and the purchasing skills of the ventilation window. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

What are the characteristics of the ventilation window

1、 In fact, the ventilation window is also a louver structure, which is the window decoration, but it is more firm than the shutter. It has great characteristics for controlling the light and improving the indoor privacy. Moreover, it can avoid the bad weather and is very good.

2、 The ventilation effect of the ventilation window is very good. It can adjust the angle and control the position according to the different weather. It can not only ventilate, but also has good lighting effect, and the sound insulation effect and anti ultraviolet effect are good. Compared with the shutter, the service life is longer and the durability is better. 3、 According to the current market, there are three grades of ventilating windows. The price of ordinary ventilation windows is about 200-700 yuan; there are many styles of ventilation windows in the middle end, and the price is about 1500-4500 yuan; and the price of high-end ventilation windows is about 5000-10000 yuan, which can prevent dust, rain and noise. What are the characteristics of air window

1、 For the selection and purchase of the ventilation window, we should pay attention to whether its profile and other structural accessories gap is compact. It depends on the smoothness when sliding up and down. The poor quality ventilation window has noise when sliding, and the smoothness is not enough.

2、 When choosing the ventilation window, you should observe whether the rivets fixed by it are made of solid pneumatic steel. If it is made of ordinary rivets, the service life is very short and it is easy to fall off.

3、 When choosing a ventilation window, you should carefully check the glass of the ventilation window to see whether it has 3C safety certification, and also depends on the professionalism of the manufacturer and after-sales service. It is recommended to choose a large brand of ventilation window.

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